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Late one very, very cold winter night, while I was visiting at the on post home of one of my friends, I received a call informing me that the primary crew was engaged in another operation and that my crew had been contacted to "rush" to the WSA. No time to go home and change, that night myself and a few of my comrades performed our tasks while rather unofficially attired! Questions were raised, but, given the situation, it was accepted that there are, indeed, moments when "time is of the essence!" Notice the WSA "line-badge" carefully displayed clipped to my shirt, and, if you very closely, one-half of a set of "Two Man Rule" keys. This inside of our "Q-area" secure maintenance bay was a Restricted Area "No Lone Zone," meaning that while in it, no matter how casual I may appear in this photograph, under absolutely no circumstance would I ever have stepped out of my partner's view.

late night emergency call

CJ & I visit, 2011:  The interior of “The Plant” has been completely stripped.  I’m sure the two overhead cranes had great salvage value.  The Park Service employee informed us that it was a rather tedious, dirty process removing all the asbestos tiles from the ceiling.