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Of all the vehicles I drove while in the service, an extensive inventory of which the fine print listing on my military driver's license ran over the front onto the back of the card, my favorite was the MB4 Coleman. Four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering (front via the conventional steering wheel, rear via a "tiller" bar), and a steel framed concrete bumper to settle any serious disagreements, the Coleman only had a top speed of about 19 mph, but in low gear its rather powerful engine allowed it to easily pull loads of almost 100,000 pounds! Best of all, early in the spring when the deep snow had melted but the land hadn't yet dried out, there was nothing better than a later afternoon spent "inspecting" the outside perimeter of the WSA, a chore that only coincidently resembled some rather serious mud running! I never got my Coleman stuck, but I must honestly admit that I admired those for whom I had to provide a tow!

sgt. groleau & mb4 coleman tug