Purchased in the early-80s, a Nikon F3HP was my first “professional” camera.  Of course, since i never added a motor drive, specialty viewfinder, or bulk-film back, I can now chuckle a bit at that term!

The F3HP did have two attributes, however, that will keep it forever firmly entrenched in my photography heart.

First, with 75% magnification and a full 25mm of eye relief, it had what to this day remains one of the greatest viewfinders of any 35mm film camera.  I’ve still not encountered a modern camera with a more comfortable viewfinder!

Second, the F3HP fit perfectly in my hands.  To this day, over thirty years later, I’ve never held a camera, neither film nor digital, that was so exactly—well, “right.”

It’s odd, but even now many photographers, myself at the head of the list, wish that Nikon would produce a digital camera with the form of the F3HP!


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Nikon F3HP