In 1974 I took a drive to a little town in Connecticut, the sole purpose of the almost 1,000 mile round trip from Caribou, Maine, being to take a look at a Nikon S2 I’d seen advertised in Shutterbug by an antique camera collector.  After having me don white linen gloves he allowed me the joy of handling what to me, up until that time, had been merely a rather distant glimpse of history.  I was enthralled, of course, but he became aghast
when it became apparent to him that I intended to actually use the camera to take pictures!  “Oh, no, you don’t want this one.  It’s brand-new, the minute you put a mark on it it will loose half its value as a collectable ... here, take a look at this one ... it had only one owner and he only put a few rolls of film through it before he rather unexpectedly died.”  $280 dollars, about what I took home for two weeks work as an Air Force 46350, and the camera and case was mine!

Despite all the bells and whistles of my D200 and the extensive capabilities of my tiny Olympus EP-1, this remains my favorite camera.  No light meter, no auto focus, no battery, simply an excellent viewfinder with which to put a frame to my vision and a shutter button for which old-time Nikon users could be identified by their ability to disjoint their right index fingers.  I’ve put hundreds of rolls of BW film through my little S2, yet, remarkably, I could post it on E-Bay tomorrow and, even factoring in the wear and tear I’ve inflicted upon it and thirty-four year’s inflation, I’d make a profit on my original investment!

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